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Written by Isabelle Duguay & Lateef Omar Martin

Art by Lateef Omar Martin

Lettered by Lateef Omar Martin

31 Pages, Colour

Funded on IndieGoGo

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Available on Comixology

Published by Miscellaneum Studios


After waging a seven-year war against the undead hordes, Z'Islanders prepare their communities for the renewal season with cautious optimism.  A comic book series set in Montreal seven years after an undead infestation. Bike-forged weapons & roof-bound communities have kept people safe. But for how long?

Trust, Trade & Hope, that's all Z'Islanders have left. They have restructured their neighbourhoods into fortresses against the onslaught of the undead and formed alliances with complimentary communities. Those who can make things are kings and those who get too comfortable...die.

Issue 3 Bonds

Tensions rise at the Port after botching an order of car generators for a group of nomads. Meanwhile the Plateau must make a decision with the nomads at their doorstep looking for answers to broken promises

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