Publisher of Spacepig Hamadeus


Some have asked, "What is the point of being at Ronin Studios?" Well, you can go solo into self publishing -- or you can go into self publishing with a community of like-minded creators and artists, who can provide additional support and exposure that you might not receive if you made the journey alone. We band together for community projects, conventions, and other projects and events -- something a creator might not be able to do on their own.

Our highest goal is to see all of our members achieve the experience they need to be successful in the ever changing comic market, whether it be publishing a quality book or illustrating one, with independence. Ronin Studios members retain all rights to their work, and the studio and its label does not profit from any individual.

In keeping with our not-for-profit standing, Ronin Studios has a line of charity books called HOPE. Each individual volume is a graphic novel anthology containing stories with a theme for the cause it supports. HOPE: New Orleans benefited the Red Cross in Louisiana, USA, and our latest volume, HOPE: The Hero Initiative, benefited the charity of the same name.

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